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What defines a healthy relationship-7 important signs

What defines a healthy relationship-7 important signs

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Everyone wants to be in a healthy relationship but sometimes that is just not the case. So what defines a healthy relationship-7 important sings and how to recognize one is probably something that every couple wants to know. No one wants to be in dysfunctional relationship not knowing what to do to make it right. So if it will make you feel comfortable there are some common signs that you are in a healthy relationship on which you can count.

Without them, you can not even tell that you are in the relationship not speaking in the healthy one. Each one of these signs is important and connected and they are telling you how strong your relationship is. And can you rely on your partner or not. If they are missing, or just one of them your relationship is not healthy and worth of holding on to.

1.Open and honest communication.

For a healthy relationship, it is important to have open and honest communication. It is a good thing to talk about everything and to be honest about it. If something bothers you you should not be quiet about it. You should be free to tell how you feel about things and what you think about them, and what should be done about it. If you not talking about problems and what is bothering you, your relationship can not grow and become stronger. Problems will not be solved by themselves. You two should be working on them together.

Talk about your dreams and wishes

You also should talk about your dreams and wishes. Your partner needs to know what you are expecting from life and him so he can meet your expectation. Maybe he will find some of your wishes unnecessary and unreal but at least both of you will know what you should work on. That of course means you should meet his expectation too. Talk with your partner about anything and everything. That will make you feel bonded and close because knowing and caring about those little things about each other is what actually makes you a couple and keep you together.


Healthy relationships are built on mutual respect and boundaries. There is no love without respect and that is a fact. If you love someone it means that you accepted everything who he is and you respect it. You respect his opinions, morals, choices, wishes, and dreams, you agree with it and it is important to you. Also you are not trying to minimize it, ignore it, or devalue it. Because you love him and you love everything about him. What is important to him it is important to you too.

Signs she is madly in love with you
Signs She Is Madly In Love With You

What defines a healthy relationship-7 important sings? Respect is mutual

Of course respect should be mutual and your partner should treat you the same way. Your being and everything who you are should be important to him too. Without that relationship is not healthy and strong. Just people who respect and support each other could succeed as a couple.

Do not hold on to somebody who does not respect you

There is no point in holding on to somebody who does not treat you with love and respect. It could be devastating and heart breaking to be in that kind of relationship so make sure that you know these things right from the beginning. It should be the most important fact when you are choosing your partner. Otherwise, you will find yourself in horrible misery.

Relationships based on respect first are the one that last

Loving somebody who does not respect you is one of the worst experiences you can go through and it brings a lot of pain and heartache. Especially with women. So make sure that your relationship is based on respect first, then love. Even if that sounds a little bit ridiculous, it is more important than if it is based on just love. Love without respect is something that does not last.

3.What defines a healthy relationship-7 important sings? Compromise.

Compromise is important in the healthy relationships, especially in marriage. That means you should sometimes give up on something that you want so your partner could do something that he wants. Or you two should try to find a way to do some things together with the way you both agree. That also means growing up and being able to adjust to the situation and meet other′s expectations without trouble. Because things can not be always our way. We should be patient, understanding, and compassionate to others and their needs and wishes.

Compromise does not mean changing who we are

Of course, that does not mean that we have to change who we are and what we believe in. There is no compromise on big and important things which are making us who we are. When we are talking about compromise we are actually talking about things which are not so important to hold on them so tight. Things like what we are going to eat, where we are going to live, how many kids we are going to have, and things like that. Those things are not irrelevant but they are not something that should be so stressful and deal-breaking for the couple, especially in marriage.

Girlfriend says she needs time to work on herself
Girlfriend says she needs time to work on herself

Learn to compromise-It will change your life

Learning to compromise is good for life in general. It will be helpful for you in your relationships, marriage, and workplace or anywhere you have to meet with different people. Do not hold on to things that are not so important and try to meet others with their wishes. It will make your life much easier and make it less stressful. But always remember not to lose yourself.

Everyone wants to feel appreciated

Because being able to compromise shows how much we are mature and able to understand life and how things can work. Giving up on some irrelevant things will not affect our life that much but it could mean the world to somebody else. And sometimes could change everything. Because everybody loves to feel appreciated.

So be compassionate with your partner and his needs and try to tone down everything he has problem with. Of course, he should be able to do the same for you.

4.What defines a healthy relationship-7 important sings. Equality.

Equality in a healthy relationships is also important and that means what is forbidden for a woman should be forbidden for a man too. That usually applies to big things like can we go out without our partner, can we have separated friends, can we have male or female friends, how we treat each other in public and of course is it acceptable to cheat on our partner. These are the most common questions for every couple everywhere. No one wants to feel like the third wheel in the relationship and feel betrayed by the person he loves. No male or female. Neither of them should do any of those things. Because what is not acceptable to you probably is not acceptable to the other person too.

In reality, man and woman are not equal

But in reality, it is not always like that. Man and woman are not equal in any kind of way no matter how hard we try to change it or cover it up. It is the 21st century and we should be more evolved but reality check…not. And it is like that everywhere. And we should not even start with other differences between people in general. So to conceive equality in relationship and marriage is not an easy thing to do. And sometimes actually it has nothing to do with our partner and who he is. It is a society that is pressing him down. Because like we said, there is no equality between man and woman.

Differences are still out of proportion

And it applies to everything. From what is a woman′s job, where is her place, what she should say, do and wear to how she should treat her husband. And there are some same old rules for man which are not changed for centuries to now. Man can do everything he wants, whenever he wants. And it would not be a big surprise that the bigamy is right behind the corner already. That is how much we evolved. Maybe this will sound like a joke but it is really not. That is how things in our society still work. It is not that some old rules are not good and that some roles for men and women are natural and should not be changed. But with some things people are exaggerating.

He has a girlfriend but still wants to sleep with me
He Has A Girlfriend But Still Wants To Sleep With Me

We need to learn to live with these differences

So it needs a lot of effort for relationships and marriage to succeed now like it always was. If they love each other and want to do everything for each other that does not mean that it is enough and that their struggle is over. We are social beings and we need others to survive and that means we are vulnerable and exposed to them. We can not live isolated and that means that others can and will interfere with our lives. But that is something that we need to learn to live with and learn the way to deal with it.

That is why all of these facts which define a healthy relationships are so important for every couple. We need to build relationships so strong that others can not break in and shake up everything we believe in and the way we want to live our lives. Acting like that and working on that is what defines a healthy relationship-7 important sings.


One of the most beautiful things in a relationship is having a partner that supports you in everything. That means that he loves you that much that he trusts you with your decision without a question. In that kind of relationship, you feel free and relaxed not worrying what your partner will think or do when you do something when he is not around. Rather it is some changes around the house, decisions related to the kids, family, friends, or work colleagues you know that he will support and agree with you when you tell him about it.

You are free to make decisions without consulting if you have to

You do not even have to consult him about it if you do not have time to do it. You are free to make your decisions as it happens and he will be ok with that. Of course, it is better to talk about some big decisions and changes with your partner first. But sometimes things are happening so fast and you do not have time to reach him so you will have to make your own decision on the spot. That is why it is really important to know that he would agree with you if he was there.

In a healthy relationships, it goes with ease

Of course, you should be the same way with him too. You should also be able to support everything he does and not judge his decisions. Actually, if everything is ok and things are working so well between you two, you will not even notice those things. That will be an understandable and  common everyday thing. You will be just sharing your daily activities and events and that will be a completely normal thing to do.

What defines a healthy relationship-Sharing your daily activities with each other


Feeling safe and protected inside of your relationship is something that implies and it is very important especially for the girls. Every girl will choose a partner who makes her feel that way. She needs to know that she has protection and support when things go wrong. If there are children involved too than it is even more important. We were talking about equality and how things and roles are not the same for men and women so one of the most important roles for the man should be the ability to protect his family and make sure that they feel safe and protected. That is how it always has been and how it should stay.

It is the wife role to provide safety for the family too

It is more natural that man is the protector of his family and that he is the one who provides everything to keep things this way. And of course, that means that he will not be the one who will jeopardize your relationship too. But he needs the same signs of this behavior from his wife also. He needs to be sure that she will not do anything to destroy their relationship and that she will not let anything come between the two of them.

The fact that you can rely on your partner means everything

Mutual understanding of how things should work and sharing the same values about important things is something that you should nurture and build your relationship on. And the fact that you could rely on your partner about this when things go wrong is the only way to save your relationship. Safety also means comfort and accommodation that your relationship provides for you. Either you are inside your house or outside doing things together you are feeling comfortable and pleasant spending your time with him.

Safety and comfort keeps you in the relationship

This is so important because this is actually what the relationship is based on. Being together makes you feel so good that you want to spend every second with that person and feel like that for the rest of your life. So pay attention to this fact and make sure that the person you are with makes you feel this way. That is how you will know that you are in a real healthy relationship worth fighting for. And you will know what defines a healthy relationship-7 important sings.

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Without trust relationships between people can not survive. Either it is about friendship, family, or spouses trust is something that the relationships are based on. If you can not trust someone you can not develop some deeper feelings for him and by that, you can not love him either. Because those people actually disturb you and make you feel anxious. You do not feel pleasure in their presence because you never know what they will do next and what to expect from them. And you do not trust them with their behavior when they are not around niether.

There is no replacement for trust

The only good thing is that you actually notice these things at the beginning of your relationship already so you probably will not waste a lot of your time on somebody who makes you feel that way. You can not misinterpret the way they make you feel and there is no replacement for trust. If you do not feel comfortable around somebody of course you will not want to spend your time with him and by that, you certainly will not plan your future together.

Make sure that your partner trusts you

This is also a mutual feeling and you should be the person of trust too. Make sure that your partner trusts you and that he is comfortable around you. And that he trusts you when you are absent. You will know these things by the way he treats you. If he is questioning you a lot, calling to check where you are very often even when you told him where you going to be, or checking your phone to see who you are talking to during the day, it is a sign that he is not trusting you enough.

Cheaters always think that everyone cheat-do not take it personally

And it sometimes does not have to do anything with who you are and the kind of person you are. People always treat others according to their behavior and believings. If they are cheaters they think that everyone is. And things like that. So if there is a lack of trust in the relationship, relationship is not healthy and you can not count on it to succeed. Fortunately, this is noticeable from the beginning so you will save yourself a lot of time and wasted emotions.

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New Relationship Energy Addiction

How to maintain a healthy relationship

Everything you want from the other person you should be able to provide yourself. You can not expect form the others things you are not ready and able to give yourself. That is not a fair and honest way of living. Treat others the way you want to be treated and that is how you bring balance to life. Especially into your relationship. Open and honest communication, mutual respect, compromise, equality, support, safety, and trust are the set of qualities that healthy relationships should have. They are not separate from each other and they are actually incorporated in one another. They all need to be mutual and without any of them, you can not say that you are in a healthy relationship.

Work on relationship is never done

So if you really want to know what is it like to be in a healthy relationship you need to work on every single of these things and make sure that they are part of your relationship. Both of you need to nurture it, develop it and upgrade it all the time. And if you ever think your work is done, it is not. You need to work on it some more. Because that is what the relationships are all about. They do not stay the same all the time. They are growing and changing as we do so make sure that you are changing the right way and in the right direction. That is what defines a healthy relationship-7 important sings and makes us a better person and by that a better partner.