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What Is A Karmic Relationship?

What Is A Karmic Relationship?

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If you were ever wondering what is a karmic relationship, here are some things you need to know about it.

Basics of a karmic relationship

A karmic relationship is a type of relationship where there’s a lot of drama, passion, and pain. Usually, all of this happens at the same time. They are often not healthy in the long term. These relationships aren’t something that should last for a long time. It’s not like twin flames or soul mates. A good side about it is that you can learn a lot about it from your own experience by being in one. For example, you can learn what to avoid in the future.
Some people define these relationships as romantic relationship or soulmate relationships.

Signs of a karmic relationship

There has been a lot of research done on this topic. Some of the researchers say that even though karmic relationships mostly have a negative connotation, you can also see it as an opportunity for personal growth. It allows you to learn something new about yourself, and see the other side of your personality that you haven’t noticed before. In these kinds of relationships you feel an instant connection with your partner. There’s no exact definition of what is a karmic relationship, but here are some signs that show you when you’re in that type of relationship.

Emotional roller coaster

One of the signs that you’re in a karmic relationship is that you feel like you’re on a roller coaster. Sometimes, it seems like you’re the happiest person on the Earth, but the next day, you realize you’re not happy. You’re miserable and don’t know what to do or how to fix your relationship. Normally, every relationship has its ups and downs, but a karmic relationship often feels like it only has downs. This sadness constantly weighs you down.  You never know where you stand when in a karmic relationship. There are always a lot of questions about your partner’s motives for every move.

A relationship that’s one-sided

What does it mean to be in a one-sided relationship? Well, a karmic relationship is a good example of that. Karmic relationships are usually toxic and it’s always about one person that’s doing everything to make the other one happy, while the first one’s unhappy most of the time.

Selfish partner

When in a karmic relationship, there’s always one partner who only cares about themselves. They only care about their needs and their interests. One person’s always deeply invested, while the other sees it as a matter of convenience.

Signs you are in a karmic relationship

Red flags

A karmic relationship is often filled with red flags. This type of relationship brings out the worst in people. At some point, you won’t recognize yourself. You will find it hard to control your emotions and actions. You will be surprised with some things you do, and ask yourself what happened to you. When you’re in a toxic relationship, it’s not healthy for either of you.

Obsession with your partner – codependent relationship

What is a karmic relationship? Well, having an obsession with your partner is one of the most common signs. In this type of relationship, emotions flow high, but that comes with a side of neediness. As time goes by, you will find it hard to leave your partner alone as your relationship grows. This emotion will likely be shared. If you find yourself using your spare time to visit your partner on a regular basis, it could be a clue that something’s wrong. In every healthy relationship, both partners should have free time to spend with other important people in their lives.

Communicating and arguing

Communication is the most important thing in every relationship. Karmic partners usually struggle to understand each other. When communicating, partners argue most of the time about unimportant things. Arguing with your partner won’t do anything good for your relationship. If you continue to argue instead of trying to fix your problems, it will only get worse.

Fear of breakup

This may be the most relevant sign. You feel fearful of how your relationship will end. A karmic relationship is full of karmic connection and unpredictable situations. You often argue about some small things and it can possibly lead to a giant problem that can be a reason for your breakup. If you feel tense most of the time and feel pressure about what will happen next, you’re in a karmic relationship.

What is a karmic relationship?
Definition of karmic relationship

What effects does a karmic relationship have on you?

One of the most common effects of a karmic relationship is that you become obsessed with your partner. You feel the desire to see that person constantly. This feeling can affect every aspect of your life. You will probably struggle to focus on any other thing you try to do because you feel dependent on this person. Instead of doing anything else, you think about that person all the time.

It’s normal to think about a person you like, but it has a bad impact on you when you become addicted to someone. You lose yourself and your identity. You forget who you were before that person came into your life. This can make you feel exhausted. The longer you stay in a karmic relationship, the worse you will feel. It’s not healthy for you, because you will feel more drained as time passes.

What do I do?

If you become aware that this is causing some mental health issues to you, get out of it! Ask for help setting boundaries. As soon as you realize it’s a toxic environment for you, try to tell yourself that it’s not something you want. Talk about it with someone you trust – friends, family members or someone else. Remember, there’s always a good side to every situation in life. You can learn something new and it will make you a stronger person later when you overcome it.

“These relationships aren’t meant to last, but they’re learning experiences for those who have them.”

How to end a karmic relationship

Ending a relationship is always a difficult move. The first step is realizing that you should break up with someone. When it becomes clear in your head that it’s over, you’re ready to tell that to your partner. When you’re unhappy with someone, you will find out soon what is a karmic relationship and you will want to end it. A karmic relationship can’t get anything good in your life. No matter how much you want it to succeed, at some moment you will be done with trying to fix it. You need to know that your life continues after leaving that toxic relationship and something better is coming for sure. Your happiness should be your primary concern in life. Consider these relationships as life lessons.