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What is Solo Poly? A new, trending way to love?

What is Solo Poly? A new, trending way to love?

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Romantic relationships are constantly evolving and the monogamous couple model is being highly questioned in the West and so people are looking for new ways to relate romantically. One of the terms that is trending at the moment is solo poly, which designates a person who is single and practices polyamory.

Solo polyamory emphasizes individual freedom and the desire to have several intimate relationships at the same time, with the acceptance and consent of all people involved.

Can you be Poly and Single?

The single polyamorous person preserves his or her individual space and establishes love relationships with or without a certain degree of emotional commitment, without becoming a part of the couple or forming any kind of exclusive attachment.

They do not agree with the concept of sexual exclusivity that monogamous couples have since they also believe in the freedom of the body. Logically, they relate to like-minded people and establish honest bonds.

What is Solo Poly?

Statistically speaking, one could say that monogamy is what predominates in love relationships, but it is not the only paradigm. That’s why many people may be unfamiliar with the term and wonder, “What is solo poly?”. Some people that understand what single poly is, begin to question monogamy. Polyamory is a tendency that allows you to have several love relationships at the same time, without being exclusively attached to anyone.

We could say that solo poly is the practice of polyamory, being alone. That is to say, whoever practices solo poly is a person who is single, but has several love relationships at the same time, without developing long term relationships or being exclusive to anyone. That concept distinguishes solo poly people from other forms of love and relationships. The concept can be very similar to the Relationship Anarchy, but the bases is not the same.

what is solo poly
What is Solo Poly?

Solo Poly, a trend to be kept in mind

We have all been brought up under the paradigm that couples should be monogamous and maintain sexual exclusivity. The reality is that many monogamous couples around the world cannot endure monogamy and end up being unfaithful to their partners. When infidelity is discovered, in most cases, it is a reason for fights and anxiety. That couple breaks up and separates.

Many people are aware of this reality, so they want to have another kind of love relationship. The polyamorous single person wants to preserve his or her individuality, to have several love relationships at the same time, without being committed to anyone. They don’t need to fall in love exclusively in a single person, have a primary partner, demand an affective commitment or sexual exclusivity. Solo poly folks want to step off the relationship escalator.

The people with whom they relate follow this same tendency, therefore everything happens under mutual acceptance and consent. They are loyal to each other and never make exclusive claims of any kind on each other.

TED talk about polyamory and emotional literacy

Sincerity, respecting the individual space

Polyamory alone is a totally respectable trend that can be practiced by people of any sexual orientation (gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual, etc). The single polyamorous person retains the individual space, maintains love relationships with several people at the same time, who follow this same tendency and accept this behavior since they too can have several relationships at the same time. They have an honest bond, without invading the space of the other.

Fortunately, they are not alone, as there are many meeting places such as social media and different dating websites where they can meet and establish polyamorous relationships.