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What should a woman do before getting married?

What should a woman do before getting married?

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Getting married is a huge milestone in many women’s lives. A popular rumor that circulates the idea of marriage includes losing many personal freedoms. As a fact, in the 1920s, a common slang term for an engagement ring was “handcuff”. Even though this isn’t the case, getting married is still a huge commitment.  

Having a successful marriage requires time, dedication, a deep sense of understanding and a healthy relationship. Due to this, it’s obvious to see that getting married is not something that women should rush into. It’s important for every woman to have some time on their own first, before settling down with a partner, in order to learn how to live on her own and find out who she is.  

So, what should a woman do before getting married?

Here is a list of things to do before you get married in order to find out who you are.

Become financially independent

Becoming financially independent is an important thing to do before you get married. One part of this is to learn how to manage your finances. Knowing how much you spend on a monthly basis can assist you in planning how to budget your costs in order to be able to afford crucial things such as rent, food, electricity and more. Likewise, you should also learn how to manage your own bank account, not one that is shared with anyone.  

This will help you to know how to properly do your taxes. As a last note, you should also have a steady job where you are receiving a reliable income as more women are getting married while still having a job in order not to be financially dependent on their partner.

Marriage is an option, life is not!

Find out what you like and dislike

It’s common for people in a relationship to suddenly take on the likes and dislikes of their partner. However, this can lead to some negative consequences. This includes losing yourself so quickly that, if the relationship doesn’t work out, the affected person falls into a pit of despair, not knowing what to do next with their life and unable to move on. Also, a person can become so much like their partner that they agree too easily to what their partner wants to do, which ends up in them never getting their way in a supposed to be ‘shared’ relationship.

So take time before settling down to find out what your hobbies, pet peeves, triggers and pleasures are. Finding out what you enjoy or hate can be done in many ways such as establishing a group of dedicated friends or traveling. Try new things! Put yourself out there! As a bonus, finding out who you are can help you find the perfect partner who suits you and how to establish healthy boundaries with them.

Get a good education

Having a good education doesn’t always mean getting a doctorate at a prestigious university. Education can be a college diploma or a course certificate. Learning anything can only help you understand the world better. By having an education, this will allow you to gain a purposeful job and can help you set up a sustainable life. Remember, marriage is an option, life is not. When a woman enters a marriage, she is still her own person, which means that she still has a life that should be full of personal goals and accomplishments. Very few marriages consist of a “breadwinner” and the “trophy wife”. So it’s important to set aside time to be a successful couple as well as time to be a successful person.

Written by: Tania D’Amico

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