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What to Expect from Taurus in Love

What to Expect from Taurus in Love

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They are the creatures from the planet of love – gentle, loveable, sensual and – they have horns. But worry not – those are mostly just decorative and, well, they do serve to intimidate rivals in the start and prevent a potential unnecessary conflict that a Taurus simply despise. They are not warriors, these serene beings come in peace and they seek harmony and pleasure. So, are you curious about what to expect from Taurus in love? Care to understand them better and check out if you are a good match? Scroll down and keep on reading.

Taurus woman in love – Personality traits

Taurus woman’s element is Earth and, despite her head sometimes being high up in the clouds, she has her feet sound and solid on the ground. She is deep, self-relied, and persistent – when she sets her mind to something, she becomes fiercely determined and won’t change a course until things are done.

Taurus woman is thorough, focused and committed – she would pay attention to all the tiniest details and won’t leave anything undone nor half-done, even if it completely drains her energy away.

Taurus take their stuff seriously. And they won’t just do the work – they would think it through and come up to some of the most creative ways of doing it. Think of Russia’s Golden Age Empress, Catherine the Great, or the Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot – strong, feminine, intelligent and determined women, both born under the Taurus sign.

Taurus in love. What to expect from Taurus man and Taurus woman in love?

But working hard requires resting hard too – and Taurus won’t miss a nice warm bath, or a massage, a spa treatment, or just a nice relaxed movie or book night at home after an exhausting day. So, there’s the idea of how to surprise your Taurus woman. Just saying. 🙂

Being a fixed sign, Taurus woman is often stubborn, rigid, and single-minded. She can be ruthless fighting for her beliefs, proving that she is right –and there is great satisfaction in crushing the opponent with her thorough arguments and impeccable logic.

Though a Taurus woman might seem to be too leisured and boring, once you really get to know her you might be surprised by her playful and somewhat shockingly naughty sense of humour and her constant need for excitement.

Taurus woman in love – A delicate flower with prickly thorns

Taurus is ruled by Venus, and women born in this sign are the Goddess’ embodiments in her corporeal form. Everything in Taurus woman’s life is about love and pleasure.

Being one of the most feminine zodiac signs,  it comes naturally for a Taurus woman to attract people of the opposite sex, and girls born under this sign have quite a success in first love. This first experience leaves a mark on their character and future emotional life.

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A Taurus woman does not fall in love easily and it’s not easy to gain her trust. Even if she likes you very much, she will not rush into an adventure without a thorough prior analysis, trying to figure out if you are worthy enough of her trust and her time. But once she opens up, a Taurus woman is a loyal companion, trustworthy and will never let you down. Well, not unless you cross and betray her – in that case, be prepared to feel her horns.

A Taurus woman is sensual, like a delicate flower, and only a true gentleman will win her heart.  Rather than trying to impress her with an expensive gift, pamper her with small signs of affection and a personal approach, that would show her how important and beautiful she is to you.

Sex is very important for a Taurus woman and she enjoys it deeply and slowly. She likes cuddling, long foreplay, kisses and a massage, candles and incenses. Her whole life is dedicated to love and pleasure, and that applies to the bedroom activities too. A wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am simply won’t work for this lady, so be prepared for a complete experience.

The best match for a Taurus woman when it comes to sex is a Scorpio man. But they are often partnered with Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces.

Taurus man in love – Personality traits

Being a fixed sign and ruled by Earth, a Taurus man is standing firmly on the ground in every sense of the word. He does not like surprising changes and typically does not make risky moves. He is deeply analytic and steady, silently contemplative, determined and opinionated. His stubbornness is widely infamous and once he has made a decision towards doing something or formed his opinion on a subject – the deal is sealed and there is nothing in the world that could change his mind – therefore, in case you disagree, do not argue, just step aside, out of his way. But, his stubbornness aside, a Taurus man is generally good-natured and friendly.

A Taurus man is industrious and studious and he likes fixing things and handcrafting. Hard-working, he will not rush, but rather think things through and take his time, and this will sometimes lead to some really creative ideas and solutions. Think of one of the most famous artists and inventors born under the Taurus zodiac sign – Leonardo da Vinci.

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Taurus is one of the most reliable signs and people born under it are loyal and search for stability in all spheres of their life. In public, they assume the aura of unpretentious stoicism and serenity, they rarely „explode“ or reveal their annoyance. This might make them seem nonchalant and laid-back, but they do notice everything that concerns them and carefully evaluate their next move.

Taurus man in love – A gentle giant

Taurus is ruled by Venus, and love and pleasure are the most crucial elements of their life philosophy. Despite being strong, a Taurus man is a lover, not a warrior. Like Ferdinand the Bull, he will rather sit in the shade of a tree and smell flowers, than go bullfighting. He is a non-violent, good-hearted giant, who just wants to enjoy nature and relax.

Dating a Taurus man is easy since he is relaxed and has the ability to be spontaneous. He is generous and loving, but sometimes he can get into his inert state and needs to be forced back into action, before he gets completely unmovable and lifeless.

A Taurus man is deeply emotional, but often considers that as his weakness in a dominantly masculine world, which is the reason he does not easily show his emotional side. His feelings are deep, they intoxicate him and prevail, and, although he is not a romantic, he can love passionately and eternally.

A Taurus man is by all means extremely jealous, for he analyses everything, and one of the things he fears the most is being betrayed. He can not stand injustice and he never forgives it. If a Taurus opens his heart to someone, that is the gift of ultimate trust and it better be appreciated and cherished.

Taurus in love

In bed, a Taurus man is dedicated, thorough, and caring. Unlike a typical man, a Taurus loves foreplay, kissing and cuddles. He may not be the most imaginative and creative man when it comes to sex games and he is quite satisfied with traditional techniques. But with the right partner and proper motivation, a Taurus may throw away his inhibitions and unleash a vigorous passion that has been simmering deep inside him, turning him into the best and most sensual lover ever.

The best partner for a Taurus man is Scorpio, as well as the other two earth signs, Virgo and Capricorn. However, fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) or Libra are also his common match.