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What type of woman is an alpha male attracted to?

What type of woman is an alpha male attracted to?

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An alpha male is a synonym for a strong independent man. Thus, wanting to have an alpha male in your life can be a common dream. As a result, you may ask yourself “What type of woman is an alpha male attracted to?”

An alpha male is a natural leader and masculine men are mostly described as alpha ones. He will also be a nice guy who has amazing personality traits. He will be a real man with a great sense of humor. Successful men always want a kind of woman that fits them. That means that they want someone who’s competent enough to get with them on the same level. This is just something natural. It’s just a mindset that’s competitive. Alpha guys enjoy a partner that’s similar to them.

Self-esteem and his own life are high on his list of priorities. An Alpha make is a self-confident man who has his own business together. If he’s a true alpha male he won’t have any insecurities or toxic traits. Insecurities or toxic traits are things that occur in types of men that are just handsome on the outside but not on the inside. 

What do alpha men want from women?

An alpha man wants sn alpha woman. An alpha woman can be someone who’s a very strong and good person. She’s a very caring and good woman who’s also confident and independent. She knows her worth and she’s always on the good side of every story.

It may seem hard to be an alpha, but it isn’t. In fact, it’s all based on kindness. All the strength in the world comes from kindness and other good things. However, it’s hard to become one of these people and to have a clear heart and mind that will follow.

Therefore, for alpha people it can be hard to find someone who can be with them.

Strong people can often represent something on a high level for many people around them. It can sometimes make them look arrogant or “not available” for anyone. In fact, they’re mostly picky with their company. However, deep down, they’re very kind and friendly.

However, it should be a real lady with manners and a good heart who’s there for him and she always has patience and understanding for the person she loves.

Woman standing - what type of woman is an alpha male attracted to

What makes alpha males fall in love?

Alpha males are mostly very emotional people. He always seeks out a feminine woman who shows assertiveness. An alpha male personality sometimes can be specific, but he’ll always take care of his loved ones and he’ll always be the kind one in social circles. An alpha guy isn’t the loudest one and he doesn’t have that “feminine energy” that sometimes men can have. An alpha male likes providers and confident women.

An alpha female can be someone who shares these qualities too. 

He doesn’t like submissiveness, he likes sigma traits and alpha male traits.

For the woman of his dreams, she needs to know how to pick up on his emotions. She needs to help him move on from his bad days and how to support him on his plans and ambitions.

She needs to be an ambitious and very hardworking person. She just needs to compare with him in everything. She must be a good-looking lady with clear standards and boundaries.

His feelings and wishes

In psychology, people who are unreachable and “distanced” from sociology are the ones who have the most feelings and kindest hearts.

It isn’t as it seems in life. There are many things hidden behind serious faces. Most serious looking people can be the funniest people you could ever meet. So, don’t have prejudices. First, you need to know someone to see the real picture.

Of course, strong and successful people won’t take anyone in their life and be good to them. You need to be a very high-quality person in all aspects. It’s just the natural order. What you want in a man, first have in you. It’s just like that. What you are, you will attract.

If you want an alpha man you need to become an alpha woman first.

His feelings are very intense and he will be the most loving person in the world. However, it isn’t that easy to get into his heart. Any woman needs a lot of patience, will, and in the end love, to be with a man like that.

Also, she needs to understand his lack of time and his priorities in the business and activities that he engages in. 

Couple holding their hands together - what type of woman is an alpha male attracted to

How do alpha males show love?

Alpha males are very hard to get when it comes to emotions and feelings. However, once he shows his emotions and feelings for you, you will be the luckiest woman alive.

They’re very careful and kind. Also, they’ll always show you attention and love. However, they mostly like an uncatchable woman. They want a woman who’s hard to get.

That way you represent something he needs to fight for. This is because an alpha male mindset is set up on conquest and things he needs to fight for in order to get it.

Always, you’ll need to leave a tiny space that will give him a reason to catch you again and again.

That way he’ll always be proud to show you his love, feelings, and emotions that he has for you. You’ll always be his center of attention.

What are some traits that make an alpha male like a girl?

How to own his heart and what type of woman is an alpha male attracted to are common questions. It’s important that someone loves you just the way you are. That’s real love and something that will last for sure.

However, if you want to make your alpha male a little bit more emotional and soft, first be sure that he really loves you. That he really has feelings for you. After that, make him a nice dinner and wait for him after work with a hot bath.

Give him a lot of cuddles and love, show him how much you care for him. Talk with him about his problems and things that bother him. Be gentle with him. Give him comfort and understanding for things that seem hard for him.

Maybe for you, they aren’t the biggest things, but for him they are. Try to understand that and to communicate about it. Tell him how much you love him and how special he is to you. That way you will make your alpha man weak and emotionally close to you. 

If he’s open to you about everything that’s happening in his life, that’s an amazing sign and an opportunity to get close to him. Watch him and realize things that are hurting him. Recognize that and try to understand him. Even if sometimes it doesn’t seem like the right thing to do, pay attention to what what makes him tick and what pisses him off. 

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What is the nature of the alpha male’s relationship with the woman he’s attracted to?

Alpha males are the ones who love to chase their women. If you try to get to him first, he’ll only get more uninterested. Of course, you can play to get his attention, but never take that first step. He’s the one who needs to do it.

Always be nice looking and elegant. That way you’ll attract his attention and his gaze will be all on you. Don’t compete with other women for him. Never do that. That will make you look like you desperately need him and that’s something that alpha males find unattractive and boring.

Always look less interested, that will make him want you more. It’s his nature to fight for things that really have value. The same is in connections and relationships with people.

If you look like a trophy he needs to win, it will make him do his best to get you. Otherwise, you’ll never be the woman of his dreams. To be like that you need to work on yourself and work on things that you really love in your life.

Try to be better than him in everything. That way you will be challenging him. If you’re an intelligent, brave, and strong woman, that’s the perfect description of the woman he wants in his life.

When you love yourself enough with pure love and intentions, he’ll love you and value you in the same way. 

What does he find unattractive?

Women who are more likely to take the first steps and take things “in their hands” aren’t the ones for this type of man.

Alpha males love unreachable women who are noticed everywhere. You need to represent power, elegance, and independence. That’s what he loves and what he wants by his side.

If you’re the type of woman who doesn’t talk with everyone and doesn’t show interest in many people, that will make him interested. This is because, that way, he’ll try to prove to you that he deserves your attention.

Otherwise, if you’re the one who will first walk to him, talk to him, are too chatty, or if you tell a lot of information about yourself, you’re out of luck. That’s something he’ll find unattractive and you’ll be big “no” for him.

Mysterious and dangerous is the key. If you talk with everyone and if you’re friendly with everyone, it isn’t his cup of tea. That way you tell him “it’s easy to be in my company” and that’s something that keeps alpha males away from you.

Try to find that essence of femininity in you, try to act like a lady, learn about manners and behavior that will give you the energy of a woman he’ll want.

Let him investigate and let him try to be around you. Everything else will be too boring for him. If you immediately go in to talk with him, try to go on dates with him, and if you talk about yourself a lot, those are the things that will just make him uninterested in you. Mysterious and loving at the same time is the perfect combination.

What type of woman is an alpha male attracted to?

Signs that he likes you

If you really own his attention and his sympathies, he won’t immediately run into action. Instead, here are some signs that he’ll indirectly send to her:

#1 Looks and eye contact

This is the first thing an alpha will do. He’ll watch his fatal female and he’ll observe her behavior and what she’s doing. He’ll see how she’s acting and what her interest is. 

If you catch his look on you and make a few eye contacts, that’s it. He’s in a trap. Stay cool and act classy. He’ll scan you and the people around you. Make sure you stand straight with your head up and show that you have lot of self confidence.

Don’t give him attention. Act like you don’t see his looks and interest in you. Try to act like he isn’t in the room at all.

#2 He tries to get attention

If you stay calm and uninterested he’ll try to seek your attention. Maybe he’ll indirectly try to get your name or to start talking with you.

In that situation, be kind but stay mysterious. Don’t talk too much and keep your distance. Let your body language say: ”I’m just kind to you, not interested.”  Thay way you’re sending him a message “you need to try harder” and that’s what alpha male love – competition and a hard to get woman.

#3 He’ll ask you out

After he meets you, he’ll ask you out or eventually, he’ll ask for your number.

At this stage, you need to be a little interested but not available for him. Let him know that you have your life and your priorities. That way you’re telling him that he needs to deserve to be on your priority list. If he doesn’t, you’ll only be interested in him in your free time when you already spent your time with your family and friends and you’re done with your other obligations.

That’s the best advice for sure if you want to  keep him around. It’s just one little tip, but you need to involve it for sure. Never jump when he asks you out for the first time. Reject him the first time he asks you out, but make it indirectly, not obvious. That way you’re giving him space to call you out again.

For an alpha male, you’ll need to play little games at the beginning if you want to own his heart.

how do I tell him I like him

#4 Impatience and a little anger

If he shows a little impatience that’s a great sign. It means that he can’t wait anymore to get you. At that point, give him space to get close to you, but at some time become a little distanced again.

Don’t forget that he needs to chase you all the time. With time, let him get close and then get distanced, look at his reactions and behavior that he’s expressing when you do something.

A little jealousy is good too on his side. That way he’ll compete and he’ll want to have you all for himself. That doesn’t mean you need to let other men get close to you, you just need to make him think that you have other people who try to get to you, to talk to you, and so on.

#5 He’ll take you on adventures with him

If he calls you out for adventuring activities, those are a great opportunity to get close to him. Alpha males love adventures and adrenaline. If you’re one of those women who likes adrenaline too, then he’ll be amazed by you.

Go with him and have some fun. Spend a great time with him and see him in different lighting.

At that point, you’ll see a different side of him; the wild one, the funny one, the relaxed one.

Try to make yourself relaxed as much as possible in a situation like that. Also, sometimes you can suggest adventure activities. He’ll be amazed for sure if you do this. 

Confidence and body language

To be “that girl”, alpha girl, you need to have really good self-confidence. By that, it means that you need to be confident in the way you’re standing, talking and doing just everything.

It seems like hard work to do, but when you practice, it’ll become a habit over time.

Stand tall with your head high. That’s the first step in becoming a self-confident person. That doesn’t mean putting yourself above others or to be arrogant. It just means that you feel good in your own skin.

Also, it means that you love yourself and that you’re happy in your own body.

Body language says a lot. When someone sees you for the first time, that’s something that will get noticed first.

Try to investigate actual things and happenings in the world. Work on your emotional and social intelligence. That way, your self-confidence will grow. Don’t feel bad if you aren’t a person who has amazing confidence and social skills. It’s just something that you’ll develop in time. However, self-confidence can disappear too. So, it’s something you’ll always need to work on.

However, if you don’t already own it, pretend as if you have it until you actually do. 

what type of woman is an alpha male attracted to

Career and education

Career and education is something that you should have for sure if you want to attract an alpha male. If he’s successful, he’ll always seek a woman who’s also successful. 

Education for an alpha woman is one of the main things that an alpha male will look for when he’s searching for a partner.  Education makes you know a lot about topics that concern you. Education affects the way you talk, your behaviour, and things you’re interested in.

If you invest in your education and your business, you’ll be an amazing person for an alpha male.

That way you can fit into his life and his possibilities. He’ll support you on your way to becoming what you want, but you will also need to support him in his ideas and actions.

So, make sure you’re very well educated and independent in the way of your career. It’s amazing to have “power” that can go with an alpha male, even before you met him.

Egoism and self-control

Self-control is very important and it shows that you’re an adult who really can go through a lot of things in life.

Egoism is more likely at a younger age, when people go mostly against themselves. Egoism can only help to harm yourself and the person who’s important to you.

Competition in that way isn’t necessary when it comes to relationships with an alpha male.

If you know very well how to control your anger, disappointment, and your feelings, you can be able to handle situations in a relationship with an alpha male.

In relationships like that you need to be able to go through hard times with him as well as the good times. Weak ones don’t go well with alpha males. This is because you won’t be able to take some hard happenings that you need to go through with him. At that point, you need to comfort him and maybe sometimes be able to solve problems with him.

Also, if you’re weak in your emotions, if you don’t know how to control them, and you often show too much anger or sadness, it will only represent an even bigger weight for him.


Loyalty is the most important thing for alpha males. They want to have their territory known. So if you’re too chatty or even flirting with others, he’ll immediately become uninterested.

It’s just something that alphas really appreciate in a friendship and in a relationship. People who they can trust. If he isn’t sure about you or if you’re sending him mixed signals, that means you don’t offer peace and safety. It’s just something you have or not.

Also, it’s a very important part of the relationship with alpha male. Alpha females are always loyal ones who stand right beside their partners and they clearly show they belong to that man.

That’s just something that goes with strong and independent people. Loyalty is often connected with intelligence. So, if intelligence goes with alpha people, so does loyalty.

Successful people want someone who’s sure about themselves and about their partners. Someone who will be by their side and who will support them. Something like that can only be offered by loyal people and someone who appreciates all the good things that an alpha male can give.

Goals and future

What type of woman is an alpha male attracted to? For sure, that should be a woman who has the same look at the future as he does.

Mostly, a relationship with an alpha man will succeed if you have the same goals as he does. That doesn’t mean that you need to do exactly what he’s doing. That means that your goals and ambitions need to be on the same level.

If you aren’t dreaming enough and if you aren’t working enough to get what you want, you will lag behind. As a result, you’. feel like you aren’t good enough. Your self-confidence will also come into question.

It’s better for men like that and his company to be in the same mood for life goals and speed of getting it, as he does.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that you compete with him and that you always need to rush into work and business just to get to him on his level. 

You just need to match your business energies and will for work and success in life with his. 

Great communication

In every relationship you have with people in your life, there should be great communication. If you aren’t able to talk with someone about things that are happening between you two, then the relationship won’t last long.

If you don’t understand each other and you don’t complete each other, it just won’t work.

Maybe it will be good at the beginning, but in the long term, it can represent a big problem.

In the beginning, you need to work on communication with your alpha male. Try to talk about things that don’t work or things that can cause problems and so on.

Great communication can really solve many problems and things that are going on in any relationship.

Also, lack of communication can lead to a breakup, no matter how much people love each other.

That’s the main thing in a relationship, especially when it comes to alpha males. They need a great communicator and a person who’s able to talk about anything. If you have communication and understanding, you don’t need to worry about anything else.

What type of woman is an alpha male attracted to

Sense of humor

Many investigations say that successful marriages and relationships are those who have a great sense of humor and lots of laughter in them.

When two people have the same taste in humor, the relationship stays stable. In fact, a sense of humor is a great thing to keep your relationship fresh and interesting.

If you really have a good time with someone, that’s the person that you’ll really want to stick around with. Same is with the alpha males. If they find a woman who’s strong, brave, supportive, intelligent and has a good sense of humor, it’s the best match.

He’ll want to spend all his free time with her because she makes him laugh and he makes her laugh.

Laughing is a healing ritual for sure. Every problem and hard time can be way easier if you have someone by your side who can make you smile even in the hardest situations.

Same is with alpha males. In their stressful lives, it’s really refreshing to have someone who makes them laugh and feel relaxed.

So, the same sense of humor is really a matching thing in which you can recognize if someone’s really for you or not.

Of course, it isn’t crucial, but it’s great if its present in a relationship or marriage.

Good “mother instincts” and upbringing

If it comes to a serious long-term relationship with an alpha male, he’ll notice “mother instincts” in his female and he’ll appreciate that because that way, you’re really mature and you’re a person who can raise his child one day.

By having motherly instincts, it means that you’re a really responsible person, that you’re independent, and that you’re sure about yourself. That you have done your obligations on time and that you respect your own time and the time of other people.

Also, that you have your free time and time you give to your family and friends. The relationship that you have with your family is also something that can show him how well you’re raised.

If you care about your family, you will care about your future family too. That’s something that alpha males notice too. Alpha males will always value family and things that really matter in life. 

Real strength and power lie in connection and love with others.

Bad family relations and problems in your family circles can give bad feedback. It doesn’t need to be a serious thing and something he’ll want to get away because of. However, if you have a healthy connection with your family and you work on it, it’s a great thing and it paints a picture of a perfect woman.

Less is more

In the question “What type of woman is an alpha male attracted to?” One of the answers is modest and moderate.

It means everything. If you’re modest in every sphere of your life, clothing, jewelry, makeup, all those material things, you’ll be more attractive to him.

Every exaggeration can represent a lack of style and elegance. To be in harmony with your life, your mind, and your body, you’ll need to learn about modesty and moderation. In that spirit you should also raise your children. That way, you won’t put material things and money in front of real treasures like love, loyalty, understanding, and happiness.

Whoever values material things more than spiritual things, isn’t the one who will get close to the alpha man. For a woman who wants to be an alpha female, she needs to know true values and she needs to show them with her lifestyle.

Final thoughts

It’s true that everyone wants to be with an alpha male. One who’s strong, determined, stable, successful, and charming. However, it isn’t something he was born with, well at least not all of that.

Everything that he has he had to build. So, he’ll be attracted to the female who’s also working on herself and achieving the results of her hard work.

What type of woman is an alpha male attracted to? Well, simply, the one who’s everything that he is. She needs to have all the good sides of alpha-type people. She needs to go perfectly fine with him in every kind of sphere and she needs to make him feel even more alpha just by her existence. That’s something that doesn’t come overnight. It’s something that alpha females need to work on to become.