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What’s a soulmate and how to recognize it?

What’s a soulmate and how to recognize it?

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For the question “What’s a soulmate?”, there isn’t one specific answer you can get. A soulmate’s a person that you find yourself attached to for reasons that you can’t really explain to others or to yourself. This person’s special to you from the moment you first meet them and you can’t seem to let go, no matter how hard you try. You find that you’re always going back to them, your soul mate.

What’s a soulmate?

What’s a soulmate? Well, a soulmate is someone that just gets to you and everything you are. It’s a connection of minds, mutual respect, unconditional love and total understanding. It’s about being yourself and knowing, not only that this person’s following and understanding your thoughts, but is there for you, whenever you need it. The soulmate’s relationship is; no higher or lower place, just as one. Your soulmate’s someone who really loves you for who you are, which is a very special person. It’s someone who cares for you and your feelings. Someone who doesn’t quit on you, ever. A soulmate’s someone who’s really meant to be with you your whole life and there isn’t any force that can separate you from your soulmate. Also, there isn’t a force that can connect you for the long term with someone who isn’t for you.

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Who can be a soulmate?

A soulmate’s that special someone who knows you to the core, often knows what you’re thinking, and who may say what you’re about to say before you can get it out. What’s a soulmate and how to find it immediately is impossible to tell. They also know what you like and need as a soulmate will have replaced something before you have noticed you’re running out of it.

They’re comfortable to be around you and they even spend every sleeping moment wanting to be close to you. They’re so close to you it’s not until they’re away that you truly notice them, and miss them. There’s true love between you and your soulmate, they will come first and always be given the last sweet. You’re happy to do what they want to do because their happiness is as, if not more, important than yours.

Signs of a true soulmate

Is a soulmate a lover?

Is a soulmate someone who you are fully comfortable with? Is a soulmate a lover? Is it this? Something that you’ve never experienced before with anyone else? You have clear signs?

You think that you’re able to be your true self with this person, without fear of judgement or anything similar. You find that you can talk to this person about anything, regardless of how intimate the topic may be. This person accepts you for exactly who you are and has no expectation or desire for you to change anything about yourself. You realize that you both are almost always on the same page with your thoughts, feelings, heart and soul. You have trust with this person that you’ve never fully experienced before.

You find yourself opening up to them and stitching your soul to them in a way you have never had the level of comfort to do with anyone else. You instinctively know that you can trust them, to feel safe about your feelings and emotions with care, and to keep your biggest secrets between the two of you. A level of passion exists between the two of you that you’ve never felt with anyone else. It’s something you can’t really explain but there’s a spark that exists between the two of you and when you connect on a sexual level it feels magical. You almost become addicted to this incredible feeling that exists when you’re together with them. It’s double sided and you feel like the happiest person on the planet.


You find that in this person you have a true and loyal partner with whom you can count on to be there whenever you find yourself in need of advice or guidance. A person who will stand by your side and remain there, even when everyone else in your life seems to be against you. Soulmates are like the keys to the locks of our heart and vice versa of us to them. They’re like the last piece of a puzzle which makes you complete. The one who can enrich your spirit. Who can be the perfect and unbreakable support. Your best companion. The one who reaches our deepest feelings of love. With whom you can share your deepest wounds and scars with.

Is it possible to find a soulmate?

There are certain people in your life who will just connect with you more than anyone else and you just know it isn’t a typical thing. You understand each other perfectly. It could be just about anyone you’ve ever interacted with. It’s possible to find a soulmate, but it doesn’t mean that you can find it when you want it and where you want it. One will come to you spontaneously.

Your souls will connect in the moment when you’re ready and when your soulmate’s ready. It will just come on your way and that will be a moment when you two will connect with each other. In that moment, your life will change completely. It’s one miracle of many in life. If you’re still asking “What’s a soulmate?”, the answer is as follows. A soulmate’s someone who’s maybe waiting for you and you will meet them soon.