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When a guy cries at thought of losing you

When a guy cries at thought of losing you

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Guys do not cry a lot but it is probably something very serious when they do. If it is because of a woman they love, or something else, when a guy cries at the thought of losing you, you should not take it for granted. Be kind. And do not regard his feelings. It is not important who made a mistake and how serious things are, if he is crying, he is sorry and he needs you. He can not imagine his life without you and the fear of losing you makes him cry. There are three situations in this case.

#1. He loves you and can not imagine his life without you

That is always a certain sign of how much he loves you and how much he needs you. So do not be heartless and just walk away from him. Think again if you are up to leaving him and try to give him emotional support and another chance. Another chance for him and your relationship. And if he did not do something that horrible and something on purpose, and it is his first time, you can not leave just like that.

Stay, think again and make sure that you did not contribute something to shake your relationship and make it wrong. It is easy to walk away. You can do that any time. But you can not find somebody to love and a soulmate just like that. And somebody who loves you in a way that he can not imagine a day without you. Somebody who cries just at the thought of losing you and living his life without you.

#2. He did something wrong and he is „sorry“

But also you need to be careful about some guys. Not always his tears mean that he is sorry for his behavior and that he will not do it again. That can be a bad sign too. He is maybe just overwhelmed with something and can stop his tears from falling, but he will be back to his same behavior after that. He will be back hurting you and doing things that constantly shake your relationship.

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That is a really serious situation that makes you upset and angry because you do not want to see him crying and, at the same time knowing that he will be back to his same behavior again. Because those kinds of guys love themselves more than anything, and they love the way you make them feel. They do not care how you feel.

Your feelings are not important to them. As soon as you do not make them feel good they come after you and try to hurt you back. Especially if you did something to make them feel that way. It is not important to them why you did it. They want to hurt you back immediately. They do not think much about it, they just act. And that usually ends up with tears of regret when they realize they are wrong and they can lose you.

#3. He did something wrong and he is „sorry“, again…..

But the truth is that they will do the same thing again. You will end up in the same situations in no time, over and over again. You can try to forgive him the first few times, and maybe you should, but you will realize for yourself that it is his common behavior and that he will not change. That is constant drama and if you are not that kind of person you will be experiencing a relationship in which you are constantly unhappy and upset.

And you can expect everything from him as revenge when he wants to hurt you, from arguments to cheating. Everything. Only depends on what he thinks you did, and how upset he is. So the advice is not to go deep with that relationship and try to end it as soon as possible. It will be hard to do that, especially if you already spent a lot of your time on that relationship. But the sooner, the better. It is never too late to do the right thing for yourself, or others. If you realize that you can not live with that kind of behavior, both of you should go separate ways. He is not guilty of being who he is, but you are also not obligated to deal with it. So when your boyfriend cries in front of you it does not necessarily mean he truly loves you. It is a disclaimer of that, and he is just having a hard time dealing with what he did, and the fact he is caught.

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……But you love him too much and can not let go!

If you love him too much and you also can not stand the idea of living without him, stay around and try to learn how to deal with his behavior and the often arguments he can cause. Usually without any good reason and just for thinking he is threatened about something. If you decide to stay together try to have a conversation about this.

Try to point to him how you feel and what his reactions to things you can not control do to you, and your relationship. Ask him to talk to you first if something bothers him, and before he does anything wrong. Make him think about the good things you two have before he jeopardizes everything.

Because people usually split, not because of big things, as you thought, but because of little things someone did to us for no good reason. Maybe it sounds ridiculous, but we usually forgive big things, especially if we saw it coming. But what we will not forgive is being blamed and punished for something we did not do, or could not be able to control.

Insist on communication and conversations

So conversation and communication in a relationship are everything. People need to put their partners first, and their relationships. Everything else is irrelevant and has an expiration date. Even members of family or friends. They hardly stick around and have understanding for you and your new obligations. Because now someone is counting on you, and you are obligated to put them first. And for that person to put you first, too. But for males, it goes double.

Insist on respecting you and your relationship more than other things

You can not expect a wife or girlfriend to take the same care about the relationship or marriage the way a man should. He should be aware of that so that there is no confusion in the future. He does not need to justify himself to anyone, except you. Now, he should be closer to you than anyone else and that should be understood. And if he thinks more carefully, he will come to the same conclusion, we hope.

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How to save your relationship- A few advice to help you

When a guy cries at the thought of losing you? Insist on putting your relationship and marriage first

Of course, if he wants your relationship or marriage to succeed. And this applies to any relationship or marriage. Nothing begins with you and this is nothing new. This is how things and relationships worked ever and how they should stay. Why? Because this works. Those rules are working and should be respected. Nothing will last without communication and conversation. And no relationship or marriage will succeed without mutual understanding and commitment.

If he thinks differently then he can go spend his days with his friends and family, he does not need you. But he needs to be open with it and tell you at the very beginning. What he is ready to do and how he sees your relationship. If your feelings about important things are different, and your plans for a family are opponents, you should not be considering one.

True love is worth trying

So when a guy cries at the thought of losing you that could mean several things. Each one is important and tells you what kind of person he is. Maybe he loves you and everything that could lead to the end makes him cry. But it also could be that he is constantly doing wrong things and those are the tears of sorrow which do not necessarily mean that he will not do it again.

You should be careful about the difference between the meaning of his tears and crying in front of a woman so you do not end up experiencing the same things and problems, repeatedly. But if you love him too much for this to make you leave, then you will find a way to deal with this kind of behavior. Especially if he is repeating „I love you“ constantly and maybe using trending media to say it like memes and WordPress.

He wants to bring it all out, his emotions, feelings, and tears so you should pay attention to it. That likely means that you are his loved one and he wants to show more of his love and strong feelings he has for you. Such guys like to leave a mark in a specific way so they may also use timelines, Tumblr, and WhatsApp to show their regret and love. If you have this kind of man next to you, you do not want to break up with him and think about him as „my ex“. You want to keep him and make sure that things work out for both of you.

So what to do when a guy cries at the thought of losing you? We already offered you a few pieces of advice, dating advice, which should help you and which will save your relationship. Maybe you and your love are enough to change his behavior and you will live happily ever after. You never know. But every true love is worth the effort, so you should try to change your condition.