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When She Says She Needs Space

When She Says She Needs Space

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How bad do you feel when she says she needs space? You must feel confused and ask yourself what you have done wrong to make her feel this way. When this happens, try to use it in a good way. Focus on yourself, do everything that you missed while being in a relationship. Even though you feel like you did everything right, remember sometimes it’s not your fault when she says she needs space.

What does it mean when a girl says she needs her space?

When she says she needs space, there can be several reasons why she’s requesting that from you. The first one is that she wants some space from you. However, the second one is that she only wants you to prove to her that you love her because she doesn’t feel in it enough.


When she says she needs space, there’s a possibility that she wants to break up with you, but in a polite manner. After a few weeks of ‘giving space’ to her and she wants to continue with it, it’s obvious that she wanted you to find out on your own that she wanted a breakup, not telling you directly. Normally, it hurts you, but come to terms with the fact that you need to move on and forget her.

When she says she needs space
Does she really need space?

She needs a break for some reason

When she says she needs space, there’s a reason for that. It’s on you to find out why she’s asking you that. Think of your relationship in the last couple of months. Did you have any fights? Did something big happen that could have affected your relationship badly? If she behaved differently in the last few weeks, analyze what changed. Was she sad, answered texts slowly, or canceled plans with you often? Well, if none of this happened, sit with her and force her to tell you what’s wrong. If you love each other, but both of you have a problem with fighting, then it’s the reason why she requested space from you. If your relationship means a lot to both of you, put your effort into it to fix it. Don’t be freaked out, if it’s worth it, you will find a way to fix it.

She’s not sure you love her as much as she loves you

When a girl says she needs her space, she may be testing you. How? Well, sometimes, when we feel a great amount of love for someone, we’re not sure if that person loves us as much as we love them. If this is the reason and you give her space after she requested it from you, she may be angry and she will consider it as proof that you don’t love her.

Will she miss me if I give her space?

Even though it seems like your relationship is falling apart when she says she needs space, it also has its benefits. Remember, all of us come to a phase when we want some time only for ourselves when we’re tired of everything. It doesn’t necessarily have to harm your relationship. If you love each other so much, nothing can make you break up if you don’t want it. Relationship therapists and psychologists suggest that you don’t have to force your partner to do anything, no matter what. If you love each other unconditionally, giving her space when needed will make her miss you. If you continue your relationship after the crisis you face, when you get together, your relationship will be stronger than it was before.

When she says she needs space
Presence vs absence

How do you respond to a girl who says she needs space?

Let her take some time only for herself. Allow her to think about you and start missing you. After some time, if she loves you, she’ll contact you as soon as possible. Let her initiate contact with you.

Does needing space mean breaking up?

Jonathan Bennett, a relationship and dating expert, says that it’s normal to have your own space in a relationship. If you need some time to spend it all alone, by yourself, it’s okay. If you want to do something by yourself even if you’re in a relationship, don’t feel guilty, because it’s completely okay. We’re all humans, and sometimes we just need some time for ourselves. After spending time alone, we feel like we charged our batteries and feel fresh. Remember, if you come to this situation, it doesn’t mean your relationship is falling apart. You can have a partner and still spend some time on your own.

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Does space fix a relationship?

When she says she needs space, maybe she wants to find her individuality again. Some people lose their individuality when in a relationship, and once they realize this, they feel like they need some space for themselves. Just imagine spending a whole day with your partner. You become kind of addicted to your lover and lose yourself. Don’t neglect yourself while being with someone. Even when you love someone that much, take some time for your hobbies, education, and friends. Spending time apart can make your relationship a lot healthier. It gives you a chance to work on yourself as an individual, take care of your activities. When she says she needs space, think of it as a benefit for your relationship. When you spend some time apart, you have a chance to miss your partner.

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