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When To Let Go Of A Long Distance Relationship

When To Let Go Of A Long Distance Relationship

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To know when to let go of a long distance relationship is to know yourself, your partner and the real nature of your relationship. 

The world is a huge place where exciting things happen in every corner. Every country, city or neighborhood has its distinct people and unique opportunities that sometimes can’t find anywhere else on earth. This being said, sometimes people need to travel far for many different reasons. This circumstance is not exclusive to single people. Very often, people in a relationship need to be separated from their partners. Sometimes lovers meet online and connect, regardless of the distance. Sometimes life takes you on a place where you meet and fall in love with a person that becomes your LDR partner.   

Whether it’s a town away, a country away or a continent away, sometimes lovers are separated. This separation may be temporary, but it could also take a great amount of time. This could be from days to weeks to years. Many couples try to make their love stretch and span this difference by engaging in a long-distance relationship. Although some couples have succeeded, many couples can’t do it.  

Stranded Lovers
I have to stay at home – will it end my long distance relationship?

When to let go of a long distance relationship?

First let’s cover the question Why Long Distance Relationships Fail?

There is nothing to be ashamed of letting go of a long term relationship. There are many reasons to why long distance relationships fail. So, the question becomes, when to let go of a long distance relationship? If you don’t feel there is a chance of your long distance relationship working out, getting out is OK. Nothing to feel guilty about. 

Many factors contribute to why long distance relationships fail 

4. People Are Social Animals

Humans require attention and interaction from other humans to live and grow. That being said, long term relationships often fail due to this. Even though partners can talk over the phone or video call each other, there’s only so much a screen can do to replace the touch of another human being. The so called chemistry factor.   

Likewise, sometimes partners in a relationship don’t have access to a phone or other form of technology to be able to contact the other long distance partner. After all, not all places in the world have a strong Wi-Fi connection. Or their schedules don’t allow for enough quality time together.

3. When to let go of a long distance relationship: Romance Is Key

The reason why people get into relationships in the first place is that they are in love with the other person. To have a strong and healthy relationship, some degree of romance is involved. Most of these romantic forms can only be done in person, from hugs to kisses to, well, sex. These forms of an intimate relationship can’t be done properly over a video or phone call.

Long distance relationship jealousy quotes
Long distance relationship jealousy quotes

2. Distrust

It’s harder to keep track of somebody the further they are located. You don’t see them face to face every day. Due to this, it’s common for partners in a long term relationship to start to feel insecure and distrust their lovers far away. Who does your partner talk to after the two of you hang up the phone? Where does your partner go after the two of you switch off your screens?

1. Realization

When spending time alone, everyone finds out something new about themselves. Sometimes, for partners in a long term relationship, this can mean finding out that they are happier than when they were with their partner. This could be engaging in hobbies that their partner disliked, going somewhere that their partner hated or spending time with someone that was their partner’s enemy.

When To Let Go Of A Long Distance Relationship?

Long-distance relationships can fail for many reasons. It is important to know when to let go.

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4. When to let go of a long distance relationship: The Romance Is Gone

Not feeling the excitement when you call up your lover? Not receiving that spark when you go on a virtual date? No pounding heart when you read that text? This means that the romance is gone and the relationship is as well.

3. When to let go of LDR: Suspicion

Some degree of suspicion naturally occurs when couples are separated. Who does your partner talk to after the two of you hang up the phone? Where does your partner go after the two of you switch off your screens? It’s not like a partner can simply walk over to their partner so see or ask them what they are up to. As well, when someone can’t come to the phone or computer, what is the real reason? Suspicion can make the calmest people lose their minds.

My girlfriend wants a break but still contacts me
My girlfriend wants a break but still contacts me

2. Communication

Quality communication takes time and devotion. After being a part for a long period of time, it often happens that LDR couples simply don’t have enough topics to talk about. Difference in daily schedules can also cause a lot of communication problems. For instance, one LDR partner is up and chatty, the other one is tired or spent after a hard day, talking only for the sake of it. 

There is another possibility – the quality of connection. Breaking video chats or skype sessions that freeze just as the topic gets interesting. Although the world is quickly getting more connected through digitalization and urbanization, this isn’t happening fast or at all in some areas of the world. Low Wi-Fi connectivity can greatly turn a long term relationship into days of no news from one partner to the other.

1. When to let go of LDR: Changing Personalities

Ever go to a place and realize the culture there is far different from your place of origin? People will be altered by their environments. Being in a new location can greatly change a person’s personality. This can include what they like, what they want to do with their future, how they act and, sometimes, even who they like.  

Upon returning to their place of origin, no person is the same. Therefore, it’s common for people in a long term relationship to end a relationship even when both partners are reunited as one is no longer the same person that they were when they left.

People change. People change all the time. The less time you spend together with your LDR partner, more chance of drifting apart.  

The answer to the question when to let go of a long distance relationship is actually quite simple, once our fears and doubts are removed. Are you happy? Is it working? Will it work very soon? If not. Move on. Life is beautiful, you should be able to enjoy it.               

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